What inspired you to become an author in the Gay Genre?

I have always been an avid reader. My favorite genres are romance and mystery. At the ripe old age of 60, I met (on the internet) over 3,000 gay men. They got me to reading gay books and watching gay movies. This was in 2003, before the M/M genre was really a genre. When I mentioned how all the stories seemed to end in tragedy, one of them said he’d like to read a book, ‘where the boy gets the boy and they ride off into the sunset together.’ I said, ‘I’d like to try my hand at that.’

I didn’t want to put my real name on the genre at the time because of my children. I didn’t want them to be embarrassed that their mother wrote such stuff. Thus was born A. T. Weaver, writer.


Do you intend to write in this genre for the long term or do you want to write in other genres? If no, why?

To quote Jake from See You in the Morning, that depends. Long term is a relative time when you’re speaking to someone who is 71 years old. I did try incorporating historical and paranormal into a couple of books. Catriona’s Curse deals with reincarnation and Shifter Born was my first journey into that genre.


What advice would you give to other authors starting out in this genre?

Be realistic. I’ve read some authors whose sex scenes are totally unbelievable. I mean, let’s be real. Four or five times a day may sound good, but honestly who can keep that up.


That is very funny, I agree. People are going a bit overboard!

Who are your literary heroes?

My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Jude Devereaux and Agatha Christie so I guess you could call them my heroes.

I especially like Nora Roberts’ supernatural books. My favorite of hers is the Donovan series.

I like Jude Devereaux’ historical content.

Agatha Christie wrote under her real name in a time when women weren’t expected to be authors.


Who is your favorite character and why?

If you mean of mine, whichever one I’m working on at the time. I like each character for different reasons. One of my favorite characters to write was a minor character in Catriona’s Curse, a man named Bret. He never even had a last name, but he was so much fun to write.

With Agatha Christie’s characters most people would say Jane Marple or Hurcule Poirot, but I have to say The Mysterious Mr. Quin.

*drop in 5-10 songs/music you feel influenced your life or writings, have profound meaning to you.


Neil Diamond


Simon & Garfunkel