4 stars

Set in 1891, we meet Jones Whitman, an inventor on the brink of discovering time travel. Bennett takes us on an adventure through 19th century Boston to present-day Washington State, with stops in Guangdong, China and French Polynesia. The story weaves together characters from past and present, as Jones searches for the yin to his yang.

This was a very well written book; smart language and humorous interactions as Jones attempts to assimilate into modern day America. I found a few of the plot twists a bit disjointed, but really loved the chemistry between Jones and our modern woman, Darcy Champagne. Bennett does a great job of including technical aspects of engineering and the space-time continuum, mixed with a really lovely under current of the Eastern practices of Taoism. He successfully takes the reader on a whirlwind travel through time.

I thought the time and place headings of each chapter overly detailed, though I understand they are intended to help a reader place themselves in time and space as the story evolves. In certain places, I was forced to flip back a few pages to orient myself, only to discover mere minutes had elapsed between chapters. Certainly that is something that could have been described in prose, rather than bogging down page with specifics.

Overall, a great story, with a wonderful reminder to always seek balance and purpose in life!