How refreshing to read a book that deals with real life situations. How many of us have or in love with someone with a drug or alcohol addiction? This novel is one that grips you from page one and doesn’t let go until you are shattered and wanting to fix everything – just like Aubrey.

Aubrey is a counselor in training. Maxx is a guy who can’t keep himself straight enough to find his way sober free. It has disaster written all over it – this couple and yet, we want to hope, just for once, that they will learn to love each other for who they are and without needing to change the other.

Insert Serenity Prayer.

Walters delivers a heartbreaking, emotional, and also a contemporary novel that is with the times. She is a fluid writer and can make most authors look like they just learned to spell their name. It is impossible to turn this one away.

NARRATION: Shayna Thibodeaux is a very popular up and coming narrator. She has worked with some of the best New Adult writers this past year. Her voice and her passion is flawless. I still haven’t heard “anger” from her yet and was hoping she would find that edge in this one but alas, I will have to wait to hear.Sebastian York was dulled down because of Maxx’s character so it wasn’t his best performance. He couldn’t do much with a character that was on drugs. Nevertheless, this is a class act cast that Walters was lucky to have.

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