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Ursula Sinclair (Author), Matthew Whitfield (Narrator) – Purchase here

It is tough for authors to find the right narrator to do their characters justice. Sinclair went with only a male narrator (for a female and male POV) and he didn’t quite pull off a feminine voice. That was what made the story difficult to follow (as an audio). I fully believe that had there been a second female narrator, this book would have been more gripping from Shel’s tragedy to the MMA fight. One other problem was the ending… I believe in cliff hangers but only when the reader can walk away and say, well, if I don’t listen to the next – I still spent a good time listening. Like with any movie, narration (audio books) are the same. Will I spend money on the next in the series to find out more? I am not sure.

The story-line itself was good and solid. Boy meets girl. Boy leaves girl. Boy and girl have a romantic reunion. It made me smile and it made me feel angst at the secrecy that Maze had. I wish Ivy had talked more about her thoughts on Maze’s tattoo that was obviously for her but it was just a touch of surface. I wished for more.

Whitfield is a “wow” male (only) narrator and this genre is most definitely for him however he should either work on either distinguishing his female voice or ask to solely work male narration because he is the guy next door that you could listen to all night (and I did.) However, by the end, Ivy and Maze sounded SO much alike that I did have to jump back to figure out whose perspective Sinclair was writing from.

All in all – I liked this. I did. I just think it could have been executed better.

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