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The Sleep Police – Purchase Audio here.

When Detective Frank Janus falls asleep, people die. Either a killer is playing mind games with him–or he’s a killer himself. Now, as the body count rises, so do Frank’s deep-rooted nightmares–his inexplicable blackouts–and the fear that he’s become the number one suspect.
That summary doesn’t leave us much with what will happen, for sure. However, it is a thriller with certain twists and turns that almost made me rewind to listen.
“The best voice for this chilling thriller.” This book ranks high in the mystery/thriller/psychological category in Books on Fire’s collection for 2014.
I have not listened to anything quite like this to date and look forward to listening to more of Bonansinga and Heitsch’s work.
I haven’t heard Paul narrate before this but he is definitely a ‘natural’ and I see him becoming an audio book go-to narrator. I don’t think he has to only do thrillers with his low, husky voice. He could very easily work romance and general fiction, gaining more attention from ALL audio lovers.
This story made me wince most of all. Heitsch’s voice is chilling which makes this book even more incredible. This was a great choice for a narrator..
The story is extremely well written, third person, however sometimes it felt like Frank was actually talking so that was a bit tough to follow. Frank’s mother is brilliant.
This was given to BOF in return for an honest exchange but you have us hooked here and will be looking forward to more in the future.51Jqsftc3fL._SL300_