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Audiobook for Four Second to Lose By K. A. Tucker
Narrated By Elizabeth Louise, Sebastian York

Charlie Is a 18yr who had a rough up bring with her mother dying a few years ago and leaving her with her step father. Sam her stepfather is a Drug trafficker who gets Charlie to traffic his drugs for him.

Cain Is the owner of a Strip club he also had a rough up bring with his dad being a drug addict and his mother a prostitute. After his Mother, Father and Sister being brutality murder Cain decides to open a Strip club and make sure if the Girls in this business were going to do it the would have a safe and moral place to work.

When Sam ships Charlie off to Miami to lay low Charlie decides if she is ever going to get away from the life she has been living she needs money, So she decides that stripping at Penny’s is the way to get good money.
Cain and Charlie have an instant connection and even though Cain has a policy not to go near his employees he seem drawn to Charlie and every time she dances on stage she dances for him. Till they can’t fight there attraction anymore.

The thing is Cain has no idea who Charlie really is?

I have Fallen in love with K. A. Tuckers writing this is now the second book of hers I have read and I haven’t been able to put her books down and soon as I do I’m dying to read the next.

I have now listen to Sebastian York Narrated a couple of book and this mans voice is somewhat hypnotic and Sexy I could listen to this mans Voice all day (and I did).
Elizabeth Louise has the sweet sultry voice that was so fitting for this character I think these 2 were a great pairing together.

I would give this Audiobook a 4.5 rating – Get it here!